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Archive for: October, 2021


If you are looking with regards to the attributes of the good better half, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to become a successful female in your marital life, here are the attributes that make a good wife. A good better half listens to her husband, comprehends his feelings, and keeps

Software development

It takes about 2,200 hours to create a primary mobile version of the app for Android and iOS. Considering that the average hourly rate for a Ukrainian developer is $40, the expected costs should be no less than $88,000. Note that the sum may increase depending on the project’s complexity and requirements. While testing is

Forex Trading

Often, patterns are used in combination with technical indicators, market structure analysis, as well as stop-losses in case of an unexpected price swing. Now that you can identify trends, here are six patterns to know — three each for bullish and bearish markets. The Heat & Shoulders pattern is often considered the most profitable trading


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